A T Industrial Wet Dust Collector Systems

OSHA/NFPA Compliant Electrical Package provides start from a closed contact at the process machinery. Interrupts the circuit if the water level is too high or low. Ultrasonic water level sensor and valve, hazardous gas exhaust vent, PLC, time delay, warning light, alarm and NEMA 12 enclosure. Every machine is tested and run before leaving our shop to ensure correct CFM production and water doesn’t migrate up and out of the machine. When correct water level is maintained our wet dust collectors don’t weep, seep or leak.

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Machining, Sawing, Grinding, Polishing, Buffing, Sanding, Abrasive Blasting

Standard Features:

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • TEFC Motor 230C-460C/60Hz/3ph (575V available)
  • Standard precision balanced stainless steel impeller (direct coupled to the motor for maximum CFM with minimum vibration)
  • Front access maintenance door
  • Manual dial type starter
  • Automatic water level control
  • Sound suppression panels
  • 1.5" drain NPT Self-venting design (prevents hydrogen build-up)
  • Powder coated exterior
  • Stainless steel sludge rake for cleaning


  • NFPA/OSHA Compliant electrical pacakge
    • Starts collector when process machinery is turned on
    • Monitors water level to ensure proper CFM production
    • Shuts down processing equipment and wet collector when water level is too low or too high.
  • Extended sump, stainless steel cover and flange
    • Moves inlet from vertical to horizontal position
    • Eliminates 45° & 90° elbow off the back of the unity
    • Allows straight duct to attach to the flange located on top of the sump cover
  • Sludge Vac
    • Vacuums sludge and water out of wet collector sump and through a filter. Flip a switch and filtered water is returned to the sump.
  • Lightweight polypropylene front access door
  • Silencer
  • Stand
  • Legs
  • Overflow Pan
  • Explosion Proof Motor
  • Custom Color
  • Private Label

*C15-5000 and larger wet dust collectors are standard with polypropylene doors, no relief vent or safety bar.

** C20-8000 & C40-15000 and larger come standard with the upgraded OSHA/NFPA electrical package.

Additional Options

A T Industrial Products offers Wet Dust Collectors with an Optional Extended Sump.


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